The band that Corrin Tucker was in before Sleater-Kinney. I forget the other members, sorry.

I personally liked this band more than Sleater-Kinney, but I guess it was because they had such (good) difficult subject matter/Lo-fi. One of the best songs was "My Red Self", about (you guessed it) menstruation. But you wouldn't know it listening to it. The debuted on KAOS radio in the parking garage under the CAB at Evergreen State College.

Also a book, listing many of the common phrases in everyday use, like 'keep your eyes peeled', 'no skin off my nose', and 'an apple a day keeps the doctor away'. It tells about their origins, why they came about and when, plus some lesser-known versions.
Heavens to Betsy, by the way, is mostly a polite way of saying 'Holy shit!'

It was written by Charles Earle Funk.

Heavens to Betsy was Corin Tucker (mostly guitars, vocals) and Tracy Sawyer (mostly drums, vocals), playing stripped down, soul searching punk rock. The intensity of the band often threatened to swallow or consume the audience. They held nothing back and as they grew as musicians, the intensity grew -- for a vivid demonstration, compare the Axemen of Calculated with the Axemen of the live Yo Yo a Go Go 1994 live album. Corin has gone on to considerable acclaim in Sleater-Kinney. Tracy moved to San Francisco (and subsequently Oakland) where she now plays in the Lies.


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