I have no idea who Bill Posters is, but he must be one of the most infamous criminals in the world. Every large city I have been to has signs all over declaring that Bill Posters will be prosecuted. The one outside my building declares that Bill Posters will face criminal charges and receive punishment ranging from a hefty fine to a jail sentence.

I am assuming that he is some elite computer terrorist of some kind (maybe like Kevin Mitnick), because walls displaying a "Bill Posters will be Prosecuted" sign are usually covered in stickers displaying website adresses of subversive urban campaigns (Eg: Rock the Vote, Stop SmithKline Beecham from testing things on animals etc).

Either way, I wish they (the FBI, CIA, Scotland Yard, DEA, ATF, or whoever, even the bloody Delta Force) would catch this damn Bill Posters guy so people will stop putting these signs up everywhere because they are becoming an eyesore.

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