*.bin files, coupled with a *.cue, can store a copy of a CD "as is", sector per sector. If you have a *.bin of a CD, you can burn it onto a CD using the appropriate software (ex. Ahead's Nero, or CDRWin). Certain programs allow the editing of *.bins, so you can add or remove certain files from a CD. They are very useful to crack software, as you can create a *.bin on your hard drive, patch it, and then burn it onto a CD again. This is the technique used most frebuently in creating backups of Playstation games

Bin (&?;), n. [OE. binne, AS. binn manager, crib; perh. akin to D. ben, benne, basket, and to L. benna a kind of carriage ( a Gallic word), W. benn, men, wain, cart.]

A box, frame, crib, or inclosed place, used as a receptacle for any commodity; as, a corn bin; a wine bin; a coal bin.


© Webster 1913

Bin, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Binned (&?;); p. pr. & vb. n. Binning.]

To put into a bin; as, to bin wine.


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An old form of Be and Been. [Obs.]


© Webster 1913

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