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Lightly-spiced Indian cuisine of Mogul origin.

The biryani is essentially an elaborate casserole-style dish, (somewhat reminiscent of the Spanish paella). The main ingredient, chunks of meat or vegetables, is mixed with Basmati rice, sliced almonds and raisins and simmered so that the rice soaks up the tasty juices during the cooking process.

Often chosen as a good introductory dish for the Indian food novice because it is relatively mild. I reckon the biryani family of dishes is well worth an occasional "return visit" for the more experienced connoisseur due to the great variety of ingredients and styles of preparation.

Often, and slightly-ironically, touted as the 'national dish of Britain'.

A word to the wise, courtesy of Gorgonzola: Don't eat the cardomom pod, (it's shaped like an orange pip)!

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