The quest is now officially over! Thankyou all for participating.

The blessings have been distributed. Don't forget to thank Mr. Pickle and Mr Wing for their help and encouragement. Any questions/commets - feel free to /msg me.

Let's do what Columbus failed to. Let's ...

Discover India

This quest will be sponsored by Rancid_Pickle, but submit any questions to *me*, don't bug him unless you like getting poked with horrible veggies.


I don't want to limit the scope; almost everything about India is welcome. What I expect is accuracy, detail and research. Your writeup should aim to be one stop information resource for anyone interested in the topic you choose. Most importantly, we need well written factual nodes on stuff E2 lacks.

Please consider the following as a list of suggestions and not rigid requirements:

  1. India's Independence Day (15th August!)
  2. History of India - Anything from Alexander's invasion in 327-6 BC to Partition of India in 1947 to Terrorism in Punjab in 80s to Kashmir conflict of today.
  3. Art and Culture
    • Architecture of India
    • Indian Drawings - Mughal, Deccan, Rajasthani, Pahari, Guler, Jammu, Kangra paintings
    • Traditional/Classical dance forms
    • Classical music/vocal art forms
  4. Historical Monuments
  5. Festivals of India
  6. Travelogue
  7. Mithai and Snacks! But wait! Just recipes won't count. Personal experiences or history or something should be there (Explicate Your Recipes!). Consider my w/u under Rosogolla as an example of what I'm looking for here </shameless nodevertising>. Just a recipe won't be considered.
For more ideas, see Everything2 India Encyclopedia.

Please note:

Again - unless you have something very specific and special in mind, please do not node any recipes for this quest.

Seeing that for a lot of noders on E2, research on web will be the only way of gathering information for these writeups, be very cautious to not get subjective stuff on your hands. Especially about issues like Kashmir. Also, you can use text from resources on the web, but you MUST rewrite it in your own words or set it apart as a quote, and always cite your sources, otherwise you will be CURSED (-10 XP hit). Extra marks (only in my mind, so you can be honest) to original writeups.

Reward policy

I don't have the power to bless submitters myself, but Racid_Pickle has graciously agreed to help me out here and distribute blessings on writeups I approve. And what's more:

Rancid_Pickle says I may toss in chings as well, since I have a bazillion of them.
After posting your writeup, let me know via /msg, I would prefer you use the blab box above (softlinks are not enough, you MUST /msg me). I will ching every good writeup if it has not already been chinged to its worth by the time I reach it (I have only 1 C! a day and this will be FIFO so some patience will be required). Exceptionally well written writeups will get one blessing (which equates to ten XP). There is no limit on number of contributions per user but only a maximum of 5 writeups per user will be blessed. The blessings will be distributed after the Quest is over.

In short - Quality contributions will be rewarded with upvotes, C!s, and blessings.


This quest will run from time stamp on this node to midnight server time on August 24th, 2002. Only nodes created within the Quest time window will be eligible for blessings.

Just so you remember

After posting your writeup, let me (rischi) know via /msg (softlinks are NOT enough, you MUST /msg me).

Your time starts ... NOW!

P.S.: You can also appreciate the efforts of participants by taking time to read through the submissions and appropriately voting on them. And, of course, any positive criticism would be just awesome!

The final list of submissions will be moved to India metanode.


  1. rjs521 says Hi - I just noded Rakhi ... I thought it was timely in terms of it being August and all ... (Perfect timing! - r)
  2. nyte says check out Khyal
  3. Bilal noded Achar. He didn't tell me about it - but I'm adding it anyway - r
  4. Bookworm says Fauna of India has been posted :)
  5. nyte says Tala has been noded :)

  6. Scoobi Doo says New writeup for quest, Mecca Masjid
  7. plebius says I've noded Mehrangarh Fort for the India quest
  8. Scoobi Doo says New writeup for quest, Jama Masjid
  9. nyte says i cant believe no one's noded the (attention!) Indian National Anthem
  10. rjs521 says I just added a node on Poori for the quest.
  11. plebius says Another node for the India quest - Junagarh Fort
  12. mauler says Re: Everything Quests - Discover India - I've done Shivaji
  13. Dreamvirus says re Everything Quests - Discover India: I've noded Uttar Pradesh for your quest
  14. Accipiter says I took a stab at the new quest, and Indian Cuisine popped out.
  15. earthen says I have written masala - a comparative study of Indian spice mixtures.
  16. blaaf says i'm working on Gujarat. there's a lot more i could do with it.
  17. in10se says so you know what day it is, here's the Indian Civil Calendar
  18. anthropod says re Everything Quests - Discover India: ajowan
  19. anthropod says re Everything Quests - Discover India: This is fun! I've done Indian bay leaf.
  20. jmn32 says just a quick msg to let you know that I've submitted a w/u on Marathi, an Indian language. Cheers
  21. anthropod says re Everything Quests - Discover India: please add korma
  22. Scoobi Doo says Sher Shah Suri Mosque, new writeup for the Quest. :-)
  23. Scoobi Doo says Pathar Ki Masjid, new w/u for Quest.
  24. Scoobi Doo says Palam Mosque, for the Quest.
  25. ekim yar says re Everything Quests - Discover India: Dakshineswar The home of the Temple to the black goddess, Kali herself!

  26. Scoobi Doo says For the quest again, Cheraman Juma Masjid.
  27. drinkypoo says re Everything Quests - Discover India: I didn't read down far enough to see where you said not to node food, and I did a quickie on chikki. Hey, that rhymes! Add it to the quest or not as you like. (I meant 'no recipes' or rather 'Explicate your recipes', this is more than that, hence added - r)
  28. Scoobi Doo says Hazratbal Mosque, one more for the quest.
  29. plebius says Red Fort for the Quest! :)
  30. nyte says Hindustani music has been noded
  31. Droidkevin5 says I just did a writeup on the history of india's nuclear devolpment and stuff. Yay!
  32. I added Bombs in Kashmir. It doesn't qualify for the quest but intends to add important info to the database.
  33. Scoobi Doo says BegamPuri Masjid, once again, for the quest.

  34. drownzsurf says ... my node Malankara (The Indian Orthodox Church) for your India quest. Thanks
  35. Szlater says re: India quest. I've added a WU on sorpatel which is a significant dish to Goans.

  36. Scoobi Doo says Does my Multan wu qualify for quest since back in the day it was part of the Indian region. (I will accept this one for quest, but not add it to India Metanode - (r)
  37. earthen says Hi there. I hope the Sweet Foods Of India will be of use to the quest. Thank you.
  38. momomom says so...I added Gender bias in India - a quite depressing state of affairs and not at all what I first intended to write.

  39. Dreamvirus says Next one - Uttaranchal, with thanks to Gritchka for letting me know about it
  40. aneurin says Battle of Plassey submitted for the Quest
  41. Scoobi Doo says Belgaum Fort, for the quest. This time I did a fort, a sort of change from the norm. :-).
  42. rajani says SO I have a new w/u for your quest. Indian English. I'll wait for some feedback form you. (I tau think it's very nice. dhobi ka kutta phrase even. Some parts hansaofied me so much - meri tau death hi ho gayee ;-) - r)

  43. Irfan says The quest.....I did Kalu Saraj Masjid...add it please
  44. Scoobi Doo says Ibrahim Roza, for the quest of course.
  45. sud says Please enjoy this Vegetable Cutlet I prepared for your quest
  46. _Law_ says I have a small w/u Savitri...its not too fancy b/c finding info on her was anyway hope its alright for the quest.
  47. _Law_ saysI also have Ila to submitt
  48. Dreamvirus says got a long one for you - Ramakrishna
  49. Scoobi Doo says Lodi's Tomb, please add for quest.
  50. Irfan says You've got a quest going, and I've got an extra write-up (Sunehari Masjid)....get my drift? (if you don't, then please add my writeup, Sunehari Masjid to the quest =))
  51. Pferdina says How about an Indian scientist Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman?
  52. Scoobi Doo says For the quest again, Bull Temple.

  53. enth says re Quest: I have covered the Aryan invasion theory.
  54. liveforever noded Max Müller
  55. NinjaPenguin says re: the quest! ok maybe its a stretch, but occidentalism easily applies to the view that westerners have of eastern culture and vice versa... if it doesnt apply enough to the quest, it was worth a try anyway! (I'm adding this coz I see that it can be applied in a way to south asia too, and also, I'd like others to read it in this context. But I make no promises on considering this for the quest. I'm still thinking. - r)
  56. aneurin says A Chronology of the British in India submitted for the Quest
  57. liveforever says Another one for your Quest: Sayana.
  58. Lucy-S says here's a new WU on the little Indian fish that's taken bioscience by storm: zebrafish

  59. Lucy-S says Here's another Indian water-dweller: Ganges River Dolphin
  60. nyte says Srinivasa Ramanujan, for the quest
  61. Dreamvirus says hi - got another one! Varanasi
  62. Lucy-S says Here's an Indian monkey: lion-tailed macaque (So appropriate, come to think of it, to have an Indian Monkey be noded for an E2 quest! - r)
  63. Irfan says I did a writeup on Deval Masjid...
  64. aneurin says First Mysore War submitted for the Quest

  65. mauler says Re: Quest- I rescued Akbar ...
  66. mauler says ... and added Panipat
  67. theboy says Kumar Shri Ranjitsinhji, cricketing genius and statesman, is now noded for the quest. cheers! (Added to quest for his Indian origin - r)
  68. Kidas says re Quest: Hope Rubber Board of India is sufficient for your quest
  69. siouxsie posted Ravana for me!! :-)
  70. mauler says Re: quest - I just couldn't help myself so I noded Humayun's Tomb and ...
  71. mauler says ... Rajputana

  72. momomom says so, here is another one that may qualify for your quest Nectar in a Sieve
  73. Irfan says Please add Nilli Masjid for the quest. Thank you.
  74. Irfan says Please add Jawab Masjid for the quest...I hope time isn't up =) (Only one more hour to go!! - r)
  75. Pseudo_Intellectual says heya, I just tried to slip New Delhi Monkey Man through the back... submitted it at 44 seconds ... please consider it while I clean up the spelling 8 (Anything for Monkey Man! - r)

  76. sid posted Jallianwala Bagh Massacre after the quest, but it's a very fine writeup that deserves a special mention here - r.

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