The Red Fort, also known as the Lal Quila, located in Delhi, India. It was built in the Mughal style by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan and was completed in 1648 after nearly 10 years of construction. The perimeter of the fort measures 2.41 kilometers and the walls are between 18 and 33 meters high. Two gates, the Lahore Darwaza and the Delhi Darwaza, provide entrance to the fort. The splendid architecture was designed by Ustad Hamid and Ustad Ahmad.

A mosque, the Moti Masjid, was built inside the fort in 1659. Housed within the fort is also the Diwan-i-Am where the emperor would hear the grievances of the commoners as he sat in a marble alcove studded with gems. The emperor held private meetings in the Diwan-i-Khas, which is the former location of the Peacock Throne. The Peacock throne itself was taken by Persian Emperor Nadir Shah when he raided the fort in 1739. The fort was also attacked by British soldiers in 1857.

The Emperor kept his mistresses and wives in the Rang Mahal (Palace of Colors). This palace was decorated with paintings, gold, silver, mirrors and marble, which surrounded a pool in the center of the floor. This palace was also the location of the royal baths, the emperor's private office, and the Moti Masjid.

Today, the fort is also the location of the Meena Bazaar where one can buy antiques, miniature paintings, fake jewelry and woven carpets.

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