Black crayon scratch pictures are drawings on a black background, in a rainbow of different colors. The method for making them is as follows:

lots of bright crayons
lighter stock paper - white copy paper works very well
a couple of black crayons
something to scratch with - a long index fingernail on your writing hand, or a ball point pen with the ink cartridge removed to make sort of a fake pen

Use your bright crayons to color any sort of design you like on the paper. Essentially, the object is to cover the paper with your crayon, in all sorts of swirls and stripes and color explosions. Don't color too thick - the next step is to completely color over your colors with the black crayon. Lay it on thick! Once your colors have been gothed over with the black crayon, use your scratcher - fingernail, pen cap, empty pen, tooth, whatever - to scratch through the black crayon to make a picture.

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