"Blip, Bleep (Soundtracks to Imaginary Videogames)" is a collection of electronic music released in 1998 on the Lucky Kitchen record label with a unique premise -- each of the 18 tracks on the album are soundtracks to imaginary videogames that were dreamt up by a diverse mix of electronic music artists. In the liner notes, the artists describe the humorous objectives of their imaginary games. In "Family Tree Polo", you "bounce through time in your time travel ambulance" as you "find ailing relatives and keep them out of trouble so you may eventually be born" and in "Trashcandan", you "must collect trash from some of the most treacherous parts of town and get back to the depot by sundown."

The music itself is full of synths, bleeps, and samples from videogames. For "Nuclear Cats Get New Home," the artist sampled the sounds of vintage Commodore 64 games, then used them as the basis of a deranged drum and bass track.

Packaged in a hand-sewn felt envelope, "Blip, Bleep" was limited in production to 746 numbered copies.

  1. Nick Birmingham & Daniel Beattie - Trashcandan
  2. V/VM - The Swedish Model with big Bazoomas and no implants bedding Game
  3. Soundcard - Thula
  4. Colongib - Megablasterfiend
  5. Egghatcher - Chaos Equilibrium
  6. Jake Mandell - Botanical Seppuku
  7. Personal Electronics - A Seller’s Variation’s
  8. Marumari - The Vaus
  9. Blitter vs. Hrvatski - Nuclear Cats Get New Home
  10. Flexible Products - Get Soaked
  11. Aerospace Soundwise - 1985
  12. MHAR66 - Access Denied
  13. Flatline Racing System - Video Tic-Tac-Toe
  14. Stupid Lepton - Star Cruncher
  15. Wheaton Research - Soul :: Transport
  16. Suetsu & Underwood - Family Tree Polo
  17. Underwood - Leonardo DiCaprio Game
(I've included hard links to some of the more humorous game descriptions)

Liner notes posted with the permission of alejandra and aeron of the lucky kitchen record label

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