Electronic music genre originating primarily (but not exclusively) from Sheffield, England in the late eighties and early nineties.

Some classic bleep artists are:

Unique 3
Ital Rockers
Sweet Exorcist
Tricky Disco
The classic bleep label was (and still is) Warp Records.

The noise heard when listening to certain public articles, commentaries, interviews, and/or music that is used to sound out profanity. On censored popular music albums, it is often the most common sound heard. It may also be used in newspapers. Examples include:

  • Newspaper Interview: When asked to comment, the baseball slugger responded, "No bleeping way. If you ever ask me anything like that bleep again I'll shove it up you bleeping bleep you bleep!"
  • Talk Radio Commentary: So anyway, to all you mother bleepers out there who think that the Tigers are gonna beat the Giants this Saturday, you are dead bleeping wrong. Any of you bleeping bleeps who wants to come down to the station and prove it is fine with me, cause you'll get your bleeps run the bleep out of here.
  • Music:It's a bleeped up world and a bleeped up place,
    Everybody's judged by their bleeped up face,
    Bleep up moms and bleeped up dad,
    It's a bleeped up cop with a bleep up badge
    We're all bleeped up, so watcha gonna do?
    Who bleeped up me and bleeped up you?
  • Really Profane Music:You bleeping bleep bleep bleep!
    How the bleep you could bleep me like bleep?
    I'm gonna bleeping bleep you bleep bleep if you don't bleep it you bleeping bleeper!

......And so on and so forth. But this is getting really repetitive.

In short, the bleep is an effective tool used to shield societies young and innocent from what they already know and ease the masses of hysterical parents who insist on shielding their young from all of society's bullbleep. It is one of the many tools used for censorship, and, alas, we will all probably be hearing that annoying little bleep until the day we decide to kill ourselves solely because if it's annoying high pitched wine.

Dannye didn't nuke this one! It's a miracle!

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