Located at 729 Thomas St. on the island of Key West, the Blue Heaven is one of the most... unique... restaraunts you'll ever dine at. It's not because the food is good (it is!) that the place is special. No, it's because of the chickens and cats.

Opened in September of 1992, the Blue Heaven is a fairly casual place. If you're ever in Key West, make sure to set aside some cash and head over there for a wonderful meal. (Personally, I reccommend the Jamaican Jerk Chicken!)

Make sure you've got enough money, though, as the meals can get a bit pricey: most dinners are around 20 dollars per person. They're big meals, though, and very good, so it's well worth the high price. Lunch and breakfast are both less expensive, the prices ranging from five to fourteen dollars.

The Blue Heaven opens up at eight in the morning, and breakfast is served until 11:30 AM. Lunch is served from noon 'till three, and dinner's from 6:00 until 10:30 PM. Don't ask me what they do in the extra time.

The main dining area is an outdoor courtyard, apparently paved with pool tables. Also outdoors are a bar and a ping-pong table. During the daytime, chickens roam the area freely. Yes, you heard me right: chickens. In the restaraunt. They go to sleep at night, though, so get dinner if you're afraid of chickens or something like that. Cats are also allowed to wander about. Give them some scraps; I'm pretty sure they're strays. They deserve it. There's a very nice atmosphere, and things are generally pretty relaxed. There's live entertainment daily, too, which is generally a nice thing. All in all, it's a cool place to eat.

There's a very small gift-shop near the entrance, with t-shirts and other souveneirs. Apparently, there's also an indoor dining area, and a few things upstairs in the building. (The bathrooms, if you happen to be wondering, are in a small building to the right of the entrance.)

information taken from personal experience, and their site (http://blueheavenkw.homestead.com/Blue_Heaven_Restaurant_Key_West.html)

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