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The 'Blue Orb' cooler is Thermaltake's pioneering foray into the 'chipset cooler' market. It's a small active forced-air cooler which, like it's big brother the Golden Orb, has a centrally located fan blowing air through surrounding vertical vanes.

As a cooler, it has approximately two applications. Firstly, it can be used as a replacement for a graphics chip cooler, which tend to be smaller and noisier than the blue orb. This is an application for which it's well suited, coming with mounting lugs drilled in the 'standard' positions for mounting a graphics chip cooler. The second application is, essentially, as a cooler for the northbridge chip on a PC motherboard.

This is, of course, superfluous unless your PC is already running too hot (in which case adding another fan is probably going to create more problems than it solves) OR you're being naughty and overclocking your system. Not that you'd ever do that, would you? Yeah, you know who you are... ;)

Selected Specifications

  • Noise level: 26dBA
  • Size: 50mmx50mm15mm
  • Power supply: 0.16A at 12V (quoted power of 2.16W)
  • Fan speed: 4600rpm

And it comes complete with a little packet of thermal grease, and also thermal sticky tape in case the mounting holes can't be used.

Advert: I have one of these going spare, free to a good home. Anyone want it?

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