Bobby Masters is a character invention of d. Taylor Singletary and appears in several modules of his fictive world. Intended to present itself as an archetype rather than a character, Bobby Masters is eternally within youth. It may appear he is obsessed with video games but in reality, it is the concept of video games that interests him. Video games as a metaphor for a reality that he is eternally too young to comprehend, and yet he stands (or sits), joystick in hand controlling the shapes, concepts, and ideas presented on the screen.

Bobby Masters is always in search of an alternative universe known as Techra, a place with purple skies, populated by old ruins. It was in Techra that he first encountered the Triangular Dissids of Issid, a video game which he retrieved and brought back into the real world under the name of the Episodic Vibrations of Techra.

He also has appeared as an alternative to Mary Poppins in the short story The Thanks' Thank Bobby Masters.

So far there is one Bobby Masters story populating everything, and that is Zeppelins on the Empire, the first of which he was a star of. His story is further explored in unpublished short stories and narrative instrumental music available at for free.

Bobby Masters quotes:

"To shits with the cosmic internment camps, I want to find my place amongst the cosmos!"

"Step aside, granddaddy and let Bobby Masters show you how it's really done."

"The last undiscovered country will be one of children, uncircumvented from their mirth. Uncircumcised by the language patterns of life."

"These," with a wave of his hand, "are the halls of medicine."

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