___           ___           ___           ___           ___     
      ___        /  /\         /  /\         /__/\         /  /\         /  /\    
     /  /\      /  /:/_       /  /:/         \  \:\       /  /::\       /  /::\   
    /  /:/     /  /:/ /\     /  /:/           \__\:\     /  /:/\:\     /  /:/\:\  
   /  /:/     /  /:/ /:/_   /  /:/  ___   ___ /  /::\   /  /:/~/:/    /  /:/~/::\ 
  /  /::\    /__/:/ /:/ /\ /__/:/  /  /\ /__/\  /:/\:\ /__/:/ /:/___ /__/:/ /:/\:\
 /__/:/\:\   \  \:\/:/ /:/ \  \:\ /  /:/ \  \:\/:/__\/ \  \:\/:::::/ \  \:\/:/__\/
 \__\/  \:\   \  \::/ /:/   \  \:\  /:/   \  \::/       \  \::/~~~~   \  \::/     
      \  \:\   \  \:\/:/     \  \:\/:/     \  \:\        \  \:\        \  \:\     
       \__\/    \  \::/       \  \::/       \  \:\        \  \:\        \  \:\    
                 \__\/         \__\/         \__\/         \__\/         \__\/    

The darkness is difficult to penetrate. They come like seismic waves through listening devices attached to apemind, watching callously the fabrication of several realities. Through these sands and stones, by gut-iron hand will wrench, a tangle of tone & demeanor, the harsh silence being ripped into self-spiraling threads—to imitate nature. Constructed of total tangle blockular shapes, polygoned and retrofitted into post-deco art styles & software systems alike. It’s all tied together, you’ve just got to find the string, go digging in your sweater for awhile. You’ll find out.

And as soon as your back is turned it will follow you. As your back is turned, it will swallow you. The consumptive hockey-knockeys of Thahassid like fish-bone crunch with crunchberries, infiltrating into places you’d never even thought of. Viruses escaping computers to frolic in cereal bowls, egg timers, salad crispers, and curiocabinets. Lurking about, waiting to strike—phantom menaces from non-linear realities. Someone’s got to do something about them, take their thirsty cries, swallow their tears, and give something good to drink back to them.

Someone’s got to do something. Some say they want to go to Techra. Some think it’s already here. Most don’t even know about it. But it’s been in their field of vision all along. That hard-to-make-out symbol, blur at the corner of the eye & they turn to look and it is not there. But it is there, it’s everywhere, that symbol repeating itself over & over. That smile, that grin, so easily coaxed into primal moments of danger & lucidity, as if they were different things, or as if difference nee differance could be applied or implied or mutually nope’d. All the oboes at the concert were in tune that day. Their swells joined by temper-tantrumpets and swing low sweet chariot chalupas. And you say America has nothing to show, nothing to hide, nowhere to go, and the end is nigh? Some say Americans cannot be tricked because they're so busy being tricked all the time. Another trip, another level, another trick, and then kicked out on the gravel.

From ashes arisen. Go into the world and seek the answers out. Investigate on every level you can conceptualize, and report the results back to me. It doesn’t matter who you are. Or what you are doing. Or where you stand in the story. It’s all not real. It’s all just a place inside a place inside a curvy thought, and though through drought and tumbleweeds many have suffered, you will not suffer in your journey.

People keep changing every day, but their relational model always stay the same. Some are more aware of this, like Bobby Masters. That's why we focus on him in our versions of the hero's journey. His awareness gives us hope that we, when experiencing the bodies of who, man?-kind can retain the same state of awareness.

The Episodic Vibrations of Techra sits in the corner. It's the only game in the arcade for you, and to play costs no quarters. There are games within the game that may cost more, and theirs time layered upon time upon misery and chimes. You'll get the feel of the joystick, soon enough, and the wordplay will become like saccharine static to your developing awareness.

The map in your hands may change often as the journey opens more options, more places. There is minimal linearality between levels & zones. Choose your path, and experience each of our fine reality modification products at your leisure and configuration. The image of Techra will follow you to each adventure, each horizon, just at the corner of your eye.

Input all Texts. Run through filtration processor. Add music at http://techra.elephantus.com. Only through total absorption can the game be won. We wish you luck in your (abstraction removed).

                             o                Oo      oO  .oOOOo.  oOoOOoOOo    
                            O                 O O    o o .O     o      o        
                        O   o                 o  o  O  O o             o        
                       oOo  O                 O   Oo   O O             O        
      ooooooooo         o   OoOo. .oOo.       O        o O   .oOOo     o        
                        O   o   o OooO'       o        O o.      O     O        
                        o   o   O O           o        O  O.    oO     O     oO 
                        `oO O   o `OoO'       O        o   `OooO'      o'    Oo 

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