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Do you have a teenager you suspect to be doing drugs? Perhaps your uncle is crazy, missing a finger or two? Well, you can hire a trained dog to sweep for bombs and drugs through a private service. Results are left to the discretion of the client.

Drug and bomb dogs can go by many names, including: Narc dog, sweepers, and sniffer dogs.

What can they find?
K-9's are able to find marijuana and cocaine, and at least seven types of explosives: PETN, RDX, or C-4, TNT, BLACK AND SMOKELESS GUN POWDERS, and AMMONIA NITRATE. Each state has its own certifications, however.

The breed of dog varies, but German Shepherds are common in the UK as well as the US, as well as Belgian Malinois, Labrador Retrievers, Springer Spaniels, Bloodhounds, and Beagles. Basically any dog that is a common police dog breed, or dogs with "good" noses.

Hiring a drug or bomb dog
Pretty much any dog that is certified is also working as a police dog unit. It's trainer or owner is probably also involved with the police. So when these contractors say, "Discretion of the client, no police involved," I find this to be a crock. However, anything found would probably never hold up in court if the service was purchased with said discretion. Then again, cops do stings all the time... Shrug. So if I was someone hiring a dog to sniff something out, I'd definitely consider first what I would do if something was found. Troubled family members may be hiding stashes inside of your own home, and you don't feel like telling them to pee in a cup will do any good. Either you already know the truth of the matter, or you've lost the ability to control them.

Why would someone need to hire a private bomb sniffer? Perhaps they are avoiding publicity, and the bomb is not of immediate threat. If you do believe there is a bomb threat, contacting the proper authorities may be the smarter route.

Do the dogs like drugs?
No. Family Guy's episode where Brian gets addicted to cocaine is a prime example of what doesn't happen. Dogs enjoy finding things as a game, like searching for a toy. They don't eat the drugs or enjoy them. At least, that's how they train them.

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