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THE innovators in skateboarding. The Bones Brigade was a team that rode for Powell-Peralta starting in 1979, and ended at about 1991. They pretty much set the industry on its head, and brought about the idea of the skate video, and the newer style of skate fashion. They also were the first to achieve rock-star status, and use it. In fact, they were so famous that they were the "skateboard punks" in the classic feature film Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol.

The team started with Alan Gelfand, Mike McGill, Scott Foss, Jay Smith, Steve Caballero, Teddy Bennett and Rodney Mullen. Later Lance Mountain, Tony Guerrero and some guy named Tony Hawk joined up. The leader of the team was Stacy Peralta, then part owner of the company. He taught the kids how to be rock stars, and led by example.

Nowadays, there is no Bones Brigade team. Powell owns two divisions known as Brigade, a deck company, and Bones, a wheel company. And if you thought that loyalty was nonexistent in skateboarding, Steve Caballero is still riding for them, after all these years.

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