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This is a foul, black, slimy substance that can often be found inside the stem or cone of a heavily used 'bong' or 'water pipe'. While understandably the curse of all clean living cannabinophiles, some enterprising dope smokers have discovered this can also be dried and smoked when one is short on cash or opportunity. This is a horrible, disgusting practice, but for those of you who really wish to try it (trust me, you don't) - here are some tips.

  • First of all, don't. It's really, really gross. If you find yourself doing this often, then you are probably an addict and should seek treatment.
  • Smoke small cones. This stuff tastes and smells really horrible, and it WILL choke you if you're not careful.
  • Make sure it's really dry. Not just 'kinda dry', 'sorta dry' or even 'pretty dry'. Dry. This stuff is much more hesitant to burn than some other substances.
  • How to dry it? That part's up to you. I've seen it done in some very strange ways. One guy I know even heats it on a spoon (though presumably this would burn out all the THC).
  • Once again, don't. Drugs are very bad for you. Since you are going to die anyway, you should be smoking something much better than this. Almost anything fits in this category. Try tea.

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