A book store is a store that sells books (or at least tries to). Barnes and Noble is a very large bookstore chain. Amazon.com is also quite large. But I prefer used bookstores because the stuff is cheaper.

I don't know what you're talking about, eluyten.

A place that is embroiled in a constant struggle between being a groovy hangout for retail slaves who like books (as well as the eccentric customers they serve), and being a coldly efficient profit machine where you can always get the latest Deepak Chopra bestseller. A place where book people and retail people fight for the soul of the place. Sometimes they switch sides. Books come in through the back door while others are stripped. Then the Regional Manager comes to visit and everyone must dust.

Bookstores of all flavors, new and used, listed on E2. Please /msg me with additions.

Ontario Pages Books and Magazines, Toronto
World's Biggest Bookstore, Toronto

Great Britain
Bernard Quaritch, London, expensive antique books.

Tattered Cover, Denver
Trident Bookstore and Cafe, Boston
New York
Housing Works Used Book Cafe, New York City, used fiction and art books
The Two Dollar Rare Book Store, Cleveland, cheap antique books
Cleveland Antiquarian Books, Cleveland, no longer open
Powell's or Powell's Books or Powell's City of Books or Powell's Used Books, Portland
Recycled Books, Records and CDs, Denton, used books

Really Big Bookstores Not Confined To A Single Location
Barnes and Noble
Half-Price Books
Joseph-Beth Booksellers

A high ceiling room filled with
the smell of cardboard boxes, and freshly ground coffee

Customers, the well heeled and the outcast
search through stacks and under tables,
whispering under their breath with
polysyllabic reverence and solemn curiosity.

While you and I wander up and down aisles
looking for something that we did not plan to find
We'll take it home to unwrap later,
eager to see what our intuition picked out

Book"store` (?), n.

A store where books are kept for sale; -- called in England a bookseller's shop.


© Webster 1913.

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