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A fun little game I think it is aimed at children. It is a bar a little longer than a foot in length with a large purple button close to one end which is for "bopping" at the same end a yellow knob for "twisting" and a slider at the other end for "pulling". The speaker(situated on the side of the button) will produce a beat and command you to either bop, twist or pull "it". As you progress the commands start to get closer and the beat quickens. The game is over if you do something that the speaker doesn't command you to do(you "bopped" when you should have "twisted") or you don't react quickly enough. After it ends the thing makes sounds that tell you how many commands you reacted correctly to,(A "bop" sound for one command, a "twist" sound for 10, and though I haven't made that far I assume a pull sound for 100).

It really is a fun little game that teaches concentration, and picking out rhythms in things other than music, and helps build reaction time.

They have come out with new versions of Bop it, such as Bop it extreme.

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