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On guard!
Defend yourself!
We shall overcome
Where did you get that funk from?
They're spoiling the fun
Shoot them with the bop gun
Ohh, hey baby
On guard!
Protect yourself!&
Movin' in on you, baby
I don't think you hear me
I said they're spoiling the fun
We shall overcome
We got to shoot them with the bop gun
Hey, babe
Bound to get down
In the mythology of Parliament, the Bop Gun was a weapon of sorts employed by Dr. Funkenstein. Sir Nose, who was "devoid of funk" could not dance until he was blasted by the Bop Gun, courtesy of Dr. Funkenstein and the Star Child. It was when he was hit by the Flashlight, the ammunition of the Bop Gun, that he was able to dance to the Aqua Boogie.

And yes, all of this was documented by Parliament songs.

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