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Not-as-good sequel to Toejam & Earl (it was a platform game). It did expand on the universe of the original but was nowhere near as deep. This game vastly increased the production values of the series, and introduced numerous peripheral characters. It also had sections that predicted Rhythm Action games, where you had to match sequences and rhythms by bashing buttons.

Other notable features were the Hyperfunk Zone, the Ghost Cow, the Naked Man in a Box, and the special powers doled out by Trixie ("May the funk be with you..."). The real goal of the game was to find the ten favourite items of Lamont the Funkapotamus, in order to coax him back to Funkotron to restore the funk (that was being sapped by the presence of Earthling interlopers). These included a chocolate covered pickle, a record player, his favourite pillow ("Lumpy!") and a rubber duck ("Quackster!").

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