Borbetomagus was also the Latin/Roman name for the city of Worms, famous for its involvement in the Nibelungenlied and for the Diet of Worms.

Borbetomagus is two saxophone players (Don Dietrich and Jim Sauter), plus Donald Miller on guitar. They create an immense wall of sound by dropping microphones directly into the bells of the instruments and playing at extreme volume. Miller plays a rather noisy guitar lying on a table top or in his lap. The two sax players create variations in their sound by attaching a hose to the mouthpiece of the instrument or playing the two saxes "bells together" (which generates an incredible racket). They have also played with Thurston Moore and, when I saw them Ken Vandermark. The live experience is quite impressive as what can only be described as sheets of sound wash over you, or perhaps, pummel you. Many in the crowd wore earplugs, although I removed mine part way through to experience the full effect. They were also very friendly guys.

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