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Bormio is a small town located in Alta Valtellina, in the Province of Sondrio, region of Lombardy, Italy. It is located near the Swiss border where three important valleys (Valdisotto, Valdidentro and Valfurva) meet Valtellina, in the very heart of the Alps at 1225 meters over the sea level, just below the Monte Reit that is 3075 meter tall. Its population amounts to more or less 4000 inhabitants.

Bormio is a famous turistical center, renowed from its pre-Roman foundations for its thermal sources of hot water, then for its mountains during the 19th century and nowadays mostly for skiing in winter and trekking in summer. It is also famous for a liquor called Braulio that is brewed in town and for a mythical animal living nearby called Zebrù.

The name "Bormio" is of pre-Roman origins and probably comes from the german word "warm" related to its sources of thermal water.

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