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The pseudonym (pseudonyms are ubiquitous among French comics artists), meaning »ball and chain«, of French cartoonist Gilles Roussel, possibly the first person to move from print comics to a substantial webcomics production. His first larger work was Ragnarok, a comical fantasy series in sunday-strip format about the adventures of the eponymous dragon child, who is a standard subversion of tropes — he can't fly, is a vegetarian, lacks any gold-hoarding instinct, et cetera. This was collected in six or seven albums and might be seen to still constitute his major series, although the print collections of his online work are catching up in number, and it seems as though his audience is substantially larger now than it used to be.

The webcomic in question, essentially a comics blog but containing at least as much fiction as ruminations on the cartoonist's personal life, was started in mid-2004 and continues to update at least weekly; in late 2009 he also started posting translations to English from the beginning of the comic. These were originally intended to be released more quickly and eventually catch up to the main blog, but seem in practice to have settled at a lower pace, presumably because Boulet relies on volunteers to do the translations for him. While clunky, these are perfectly legible and usually preserve the humor reasonably well. The comic starts here and the English translations begin here.

Boulet currently continues to work on his comic blog, and also draws the main series of the sprawling and immensely popular comic Dungeon.


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