Boys Night Out are a Canadian Rock\Emo\Screamo\Punk Band, formed in 2001 by lead vocalist Connor Lovat-Fraser and guitarist Jeff Davis. Their first work was the You Are My Canvas EP, which got them signed to the One Day Saviour Record Label, where the band produced their Broken Bones & Bloody Kisses EP. They quickly moved on to New Jersey based Ferret Records, releasing their debut album Make Yourself Sick in 2003. A departure from their earlier work, Make Yourself Sick is lighter and more pop-punky.

The band's most recent 2005 release, Trainwreck, is a very dark album, charting a man's ("The Patient") loss of sanity after he accidentally murders his wife during a waking dream. The album follows the man as he is put on trial and incarcerated in a Psychiatric Ward, his subsequent release and relapse, in which he cuts off his own hands, and finally his self-inflicted suicidal overdose.

Their keyboard player/female vocalist, Kara Dupuy, recently (early 2006) left them, as she got engaged and decided to pursue a new life, but the addition of guitarist Andy Lewis from The Fullblast should allow the band to keep producing deep, high quality music.

Boys Night Out might be right up your street if you are a fan of bands such as My Chemical Romance, Billy Talent, Bullet For My Valentine, Coheed & Cambria or Alexisonfire.

Current Members -

  • Connor Lovat-Fraser - Lead Vocals
  • Jeff Davis - Guitar/Vocals
  • Andy Lewis - Guitar
  • Dave Costa - Bass
  • Ben Arseneau - Drums

Discography -

"Someone call an ambulance, cause' something's not right..."

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