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This is what happens when emo bands get pissed-off (hehehe).

Very violent music influenced by new school hardcore, grind, crust, old school emo and even a little gothic music.

Screamo bands are known for their bleeding- vocal chords-screaming, chaotic sound (always very emotional) and demented lyrics. These are usually about destruction, love lost and suicide.

Almost all screamo bands formed after 1995's Emo Summer.

Some examples of screamo bands:

Eventually part of the bands tried to ignore their emo origins, covering their influences with math rock, rock or just pure noise :o).

Some of those bands that are influenced by emo (or just appreciated by emo kids since they're not emo at all!) are:

Not all screamo fans or band players are emo, many just enjoy the sound for itself.
Actually, many fans of this type of music really hate emo kids... that weak attitude is just not compatible with the brutal strength of screamo.
You can just imagine how messed up the fans must be when they talk about their real emo influences like Antioch Arrow, Nation of Ulysses or Embrace and all around them people talk about (*sigh*) The Get Up Kids, The Promise Ring or Sunny Day Real Estate.

For more information just check htttp://www.fourfa.com on the post emo hardcore? page

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