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i dont like it when i am told that i dont know what its like or whats going on. i have eyes and ears, and im going on 20 years of experience.

Do you know what its like trying to love a father i can't see and seeing a father thats hard to love? having an important person in your life slip into eternal damnation before you have a chance to say goodbye?

or being told "what you said was nice" when I was really trying to say that I wanted my family to BE on that mountain WITH ME? (ref isaiah 25:6-9)

maybe you do...

I have seen life, I have seen death.. yeah, I'm a sinner. sometimes I do it blatantly in my Father's face.

He loves me anyway, I know (thanks LeeAnna).. it must be that Jesus smile.

you know, the one that says "what are you talking about? it doesn't matter what you did! I love you anyway.. you don't need to win my love or feel unworthy of it because you did wrong. i love you anyway, my child.. i love you anyway.. i love you......"

thats a shoulder i can cry on.

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