"Is Jesus Your Pal?" is the 9th track of the Gus Gus album Polydistortion (1997 ).

The song opens with the mournful sound of whale calls reverberating lazily through a serene ambient soundscape of subtle atmospheric drones, eventually losing coherence and fading back into the ambient soup like fragile tendrils of cigarette smoke reluctantly dissipating in still air. Shortly into the track, a lethargic and plodding drum beat finds its way into the airy ambience and provides structure with a simple, downtempo rhythm. Finally, the stage set, Hafdís Huld's angelic, innocently feminine voice drifts into the music, a cross between singing and a breathy whispering. Against the subtle backdrop of the music, her voice stands out in such sharp contrast and with such clarity that it feels almost palpable.

I love this song. Hafdís Huld's voice has an innocent sincerity that fills her words with emotion and send chills down my spine. Good stuff.

Is Jesus your pal?
Do you call out his name,
when your conscience is shivering?

Do you need someone too,
just like those people who
find peace in someone's promises?
You sure don't need my promises...

So come and sit on my box,
enjoy the view of this water,
where my lifeboat is sinking.

If you open your eyes,
take a look at this mess,
could you fake your reflection, child?

If you reach out for more,
you'll find nothing but sorrow.
'Cause knowledge is hollow.

And pride is hard to swallow.

So come and sit on my box,
take a view of this water,
where my lifeboat is sinking.

-Gus Gus

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