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A modern school of thought on a subject that is based on a new set of paradigms, rules, and methods, as opposed to the previous way (oldskool). This can be applied to a variety of subjects, such as musical genres, fashion, and technology.


New school dance is a form of hip-hop dance which is different from breaking. Back in the days, old-school music had fast beats which matched breaking move. Music such as "Planet Rock" and "Just Begun" are good examples.

As you know, hip-hop music is always changing. As the music changed, people realized that breaking doesn't fit with the many of new school hip-hop music. That's how new-school dance started out.

Around 1986, which is the early days of new school dance, the moves were very simple. Steps called Wap, Running man, Roger Rabbit, and Robocop were popular steps in this era. These were exactly what everybody can do. You see lots of rap videos featuring dancers during this period. However, new school dance in present time is much more evolved and complex. Many dancers twisted popping or electric boogie and put into their moves.

New styles come from everywhere. People take moves from martial arts, reggae, locking, and even 70s soul train steps. Since most of rappers don't use dancers these days, it is really hard to see this new form of dance. I have been to many clubs in many states and I realized that gap of level in term of new-school dance is really huge. Some people are still doing running man and they think it is new-school.

See Also B-Boying, Breakdancing, House, Capoeira, Be Bop, Locking and Popping.

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