The Future of Law Enforcement (tm). An incredibly violent, bloody movie with a weak plot about a Detroit cop that gets killed and then resurrected as a cyborg, programmed to protect the innocent, (something) the public trust, and uphold the law. But let's not forget the fourth prime directive that makes it so he can't kill or arrest the corrupt corporate executives that control both the police and the drug lords. Borrows several themes from older cowboy movies.

The Prime Directives of RoboCop:
  1. Serve the public trust
  2. Protect the innocent
  3. Uphold the law

Note: the "Fourth Directive" from the first and third Robocop movies is not to mess with an Omni Consumer Products officer, no matter how much of an asshole the officer is. That becomes the bounds, the chains that RoboCop will break from to continue being the hero that he/it is.

I bought The Criterion Collection DVD edition of this movie (non-Criterion editions are available for all of the series), and it has commentary from the director Paul Verhoeven, producer Jon Davidson, and screenplay writer Edward Neumeier. The same DVD also has storyboards for two unused scenes and an essay on the filming of the movie (the matte paintings, the stop-motion animation, and the RoboCop costume itself).

Robocop - The Criterion Collection. The theatrical release was 1987, and the DVD release was 1998.

Running time: 103 minute (Uncut). No region code is made in the DVD, and it's not rated.

Special Features: An audio commentary by director Paul Verhoeven, co-writer Edward Neumeier, producer Jon Davidson, and RoboCop expert Paul M. Sammon. The DVD has galleries of the storyboards and an essay of the making of this film.

Technical Features: The DVD is presented in widescreen (1.66:1) format, and is a dual-layered disc.

If you're ever curious about the inner workings of this movie as I was, get this DVD. The audio commentary is great because of the political background given by the fellas who made the movie to get your mind off the idea that this movie is just about killing and explosions. ...and you get to see the ED 209 firing at a poor bastard of an OCP executive longer than that of the theatrical release.

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