Braeburn Browning Disorder, called BBD by the hep crowd, is a "storage disorder" found in Braeburn apples. It used to be called "brownheart," but then they decided that was something else.

BBD manifests as brown slimy patches on the inside of the apple. This is not only grody, it's a pain in the ass, as one must cut open, or bite into, the fruit to see if it has the disorder. If the fruit is clean inside, it's still ruined for most purposes other than applesauce.

BBD may cause cavities in the apple's flesh, as well as undelicious flavors. In the most extreme cases, the interior rottenness may show through the skin as brown mushy spots, and by then the entire fruit is worthless.

Little is known about this disorder, but it is worsened by improper postharvest handling. High carbon dioxide levels within the fruit's flesh also contribute. The disorder may affect other types of apples, but Braeburns are at highest risk because of something to do with the "permeance" (permeability?) of their skin, which I do not pretend to understand.

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