Brewer's yeast is yeast cultured specifically for the purpose of brewing alcohol. Brewer's yeast is sold 2 ways, dry and liquid.

Dry yeast is sold in small packages about the size of a condom wrapper. They usually contain 5 grams of yeast. One package can ferment 1-6 gallons of alcohol. A package of yeast usually costs about one dollar. Dry yeast will last about 3 years but you should try to use it within 6 months for best results. Dry yeast should be refrigerated.

Liquid yeast is a sold in small bottles it contains much less yeast but the yeast in the liquid have a better chance of surviving through less than favorable temperature conditions. Liquid yeast is more expensive than dry yeast.

I brew mead, and to anyone brewing I have had great results with the Lalvin wine yeasts. They have a light flavor and are rather hearty. They produce form 14%-18% alcohol. I use EC-1180 and 71B-1122. Your local brew shop most likely carries these two types. Try them out in your next mead.

Brewer's yeast can be purchased at many a fine health food store, and is used as a dietary supplement. I recently paid 12 U.S. dollars for a 16 ounce canister. It is a source of B-vitamins, amino acids, proteins, minerals, enzymes and nucleic acids. Brewer's yeast may be helpful in reducing serum cholesterol, elevating high density lipoproteins (HDL), is rich in glucose tolerance factor nutrient chromium, and has immune enhancing properties. This supplement was suggested to me to aid in muscle healing after strenuous workouts.

This from the label on a canister of Lewis Labs brewer's yeast:
LEWIS LABS BREWER'S YEAST. 100% Pure. Premium. Imported. Dietary supplement. Not blended or fortified. Nothing added. Superb taste. Exceptional nutritional content. This is the only brewer's yeast that actually tastes good! Absolutely no aftertaste. Totally digestible. It will change your idea of what brewer's yeast really is.

To use as a supplement consume 1 to 4 tablespoons daily. It can be added to milk, juice, or various other foods. The taste is actually kind of funky, although not nasty. It reminds one of whole wheat cereal, except more pungent. I personally suggest dissolving it in chocolate milk, so it will go down quickly. Refrigerate after opening.

Update 8-30-2002: My girlfriend suggests that this stuff is far better sprinkled on yogurt. So give it a shot!
Tem42 says re Brewer's yeast: It is also very good on popcorn.

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