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Brian Caswell is a contemporary Australian author. Born in Wales in 1954, he and his family moved to England when he was five years old, then to Australia when he was twelve. He has a B.A. and a Dip. Ed. From the University of Sydney.

Caswell’s career paths have included teaching and a stint as a rock musician (one of his songs made top 40). In 1988 he began publishing, and his first novel, Merryll of the Stones, was named as an honour book in the 1990 Children’s Book Council (CBC) Children’s book of the Year award. All Caswell’s published novels have been listed as notable books by the CBC.

Caswell’s works range through various genres. He excels in science fiction, in fantasy, and in general young adults’ fiction. Many of his works introduce a slight supernatural theme that is always seamlessly blended with the contemporary world. His writing is such that it encourages a full suspension of disbelief whilst reading his works. In his novel Asturias, he combined the story of a young rock musician with the story of his dead ancestors, one of whom, as a ghost or spirit, taught the main character to play guitar. An odd concept, which could be seen as too far fetched, but Caswell pulls it off magnificently.

Perhaps my favourite, and to my mind the most impressive of Caswell’s works is his novel “Cage of Butterflies”. A Sci-fi story written for young adults, yet its language, its theme and story all appeal to the older reader as well. Caswell’s writing can be compared to that of John Marsden, another Australian author, in the way that their novels hold appeal for all ages.

Brian Caswell’s works include:

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