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1995 album by the group Zodiac Blue. Intended by song writer Jess Halpern as a response to Pink Floyd's album Dark Side of the Moon, but with a positive slant to counter the original's somewhat depressed mood. The makeup of the album is very similar to Dark Side, in the way it keeps a central theme (enjoying life) running through all the songs, and using voiceovers and sound effects to help convey the meaning behind the songs. Also, the structure of the album is very similar - both albums open with a track of sound effects (Speak to me, Rise), then continue with a vocal track which is later reprised (Breathe, Dream), and also feature a song about money in the middle (Money, Credit).

Track list:

1. Rise
2. Dream
3. Transit
4. Precious Intro
5. Precious Moments
6. Reprise (Dream)
7. Light at the end of the tunnel
8. Credit
9. We the people
10. Cloudy
11. New light

The band has a web site at http://www.brightside.tv. They're currently (2001) working on a second album, to be named "The Dim side of Mars".

(Warning: extremely subjective review below)

The music is pretty straightforward pop/rock with synthesizer mats, vocal harmonies and guitar. Actually, the main gripe I have with the album is that it has a little too much of an 80's rock taste to it - the guitarist mostly plays muted crunching chords or wailing solos.

The Floyd influence is apparent by the use of voiceovers and sound effects. However, it feels a bit contrived since it's not always very integrated into the songs and sometimes just makes them drag on for too long.

I guess my main problem with this album is that I can't decide if its similarity to Dark side of the moon is really clever, or just an attempt to cash in on the increased popularity of Pink Floyd in 1994 due to the tour and the 20th anniversary of Dark side. There is some really good stuff here however, for example "Dream" and its reprise, as well as "We the people" which is simply gorgeous in a very sublime way. The saxophone player (Steve Eisen), is also in great form - it's a pity he's only on a few of the tracks.

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