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The process of spinning a car around either on ice, pavement, or whatever else is handy. Usually it involves a well coordinated effort of stomping on the gas, brake (sometimes engaging the parking brake) and spinning the steering wheel in such a manner that the rear end (or front depending on what you are trying to acheive) spins around in a entertaining and quite thrilling way. Other variants include driving at high speed then spinning the car - although if you aren't careful or don't see that curb this could mean kicking the crap out of your car. I think that most people agree that ice is the best brodie substance. If you practice you to may some day become the Brodie Master.

In some circles this is also called a donut or other such freakish thing.

The phrase "do a Brodie" (or "pull a Brodie") gained colloquial signifigance thanks to the recklessness of a New York saloonkeeper named Steve Brodie who, on July 23rd, 1886, jumped from the three-year-old Brooklyn Bridge to win a $200 bet. Some claim that he faked the stunt, but his story was supported by The New York Times, and the police arrested him for his seemingly-suicidal 135-foot dive. While any dangerous, pointless stunt may be referred to as "doing a Brodie", the term is particularly applied to spinning maneuvers in surfing, skateboarding, and amateur automobile racing.

Reference: The People's Almanac;David Wallechinsky and Irving Wallace; Doubleday; 1975

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