The best way to understand what Broon is would be to see one of his shows. But, in case he doesn’t happen to be performing around you anytime soon, I’ll attempt to explain. A regular at Renaissance Festivals across the nation, or as many as will book him at least, Broon is a variety comedian who incorporates fire eating, juggling, and escape artistry stunts which are, if not outright impressive, at least damn funny as you get to watch him burn, bludgeon, and bleed himself for your enjoyment. But the humor is not just in watching this guy torment himself; he’s also really damn funny.

I’ve seen him a number of times now, and never failed to laugh until I hurt at one of his shows. In fact, I have, on occasion, gone to see his show multiple times in the same day, something I almost never do. If he’s playing at a Renaissance Festival in your area, go and see him. It’s almost as important to see him as it is to see The Swordsmen. If he’s not playing at a festival near you, move.

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