1995 Taiwanese movie by Wu Nien-jen (Chinese title 'Taiping Tianguo' actually translates as 'Heavenly Kingdom' and is a reference to the rebel kingdom of the 19th century. However, the brilliantly conceived English title sums up the movie's theme of cultures colliding)

The story is a satire, sometimes gentle, sometimes biting, following the response by a wily group of villagers in 60s Taiwan to the arrival of the American military in their home. The villagers do their best to profit from the experience by stealing whatever they can and renting out space to a whorehouse.

Sort of a meditation on the experience on Taiwanese people under the influence of first the Japanese colonialists, then the Nationalists from the Mainland, then their American 'allies'.

Macabre and hilarious scenes include the villagers' shock on discovering the large metal crate they've stolen contains not lots of coveted consumer goodies but the body of a dead US soldier ready for shipping home.

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