In the movie Dogma, George Carlin plays a catholic cardinal (note the humorous irony) who creates the Catholicism WOW! movement as an attempt to revamp church attendance (especially among young people). At the center of this new church attitude is a replacement for the depressing crucifix, the "Buddy Christ". Standing their in bright technicolor son-of-god glory, with a big cartoon grin, and a "thumbs up".

The unofficial, working term for the first revamp of the Catholic Church, kicking off Catholicism WOW!, the year-long renewal of faith and style intended to bring Catholicism into the mainstream and combat the view of the Church as a passé, archaic institution.

The Buddy Christ is a statue of Jesus standing, smiling, and giving you the thumbs up. It replaces the crucifix, which is a highly recognizable, yet wholly depressing symbol. The new talisman reminds us that Jesus didn't come to Earth to give us the willies; he was a booster!

This node is not factual :)
This comes from the scene in the Kevin Smith film, Dogma, where Cardinal Glick (played by George Carlin) is introducing Catholicism WOW! at a news conference, and unveils a lifesized Buddy Christ.

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