Yes, that's right, some people actually care to know if Anne Frank, the little girl who died of tuberculosis found Jesus Christ before she died.

This refers to a lovely hidden track at the end of Ani Difranco's "Living in Clip". Talks about a visit to a folk club where two born again christians were singing about Anne Frank finding Jesus before she died. Ani and company roll around laughing and then make suggestions as to who they want to "find" before they die.

"I thought she was jewish!"

At the end of the same hidden track:

   "Did Jesus find Buddha?"

    Let's just all find each other ...
    I wanna find Anne Frank before I ... bite it ..
    I wonder if you get to choose that kind of thing?
    Like, whose face you go out lookin' at, you know, 
    In your mind's eye, that is
    Or if somebody just appears, like "haha, BOO",
    And you're like, "Oh fuck!! Earggarh" ...

... before they all crack up laughing, then eventually recover, and move on to play "32 Flavors"

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