Bulk foods stores are place where you find food sold by the weight, otherwise known as Bulk Food. The three most common types of Bulk Food Stores are the independently run, the franchise and the small health oriented. The independent is by far the most sketchy in terms of health risks. Bulk Food stores are usually large older buildings where giant vats of food are stored. Obviously insects and rats are going to come and feast. The independent, of course there are always exceptions, will have different health guidelines store to store and its basically up to whoever runs the place on a day to day to make sure everything is fine. The franchise is a small bit better because of the centralized control and normally well posted health guidelines. However it can still be sketchy because its run by high school students that really couldn't give a shit if your eating earwigs with your lentils because the make minimum wage at a shit job. The best by far, though normally a bit more expensive, is the Health oriented bulk food store. You would hope and normally hope right that anyone who opens a Health oriented bulk food store is a good person and would care more about the food. These stores are smaller than the other two and a lot of the time the owner is at the cash and that is always the best sign.

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