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In Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri (SMAC), the Bulk Matter Transmitter is a Secret Project. It may be built at a cost of 540 minerals, on discovery of Matter Transmission (B13). The Bulk Matter Transmitter increases mineral output at each base by 2, each turn.

How useful is this? Assuming you've been pursuing expansion aggressively, and rival factions aren't beating you up too badly, by the time the Bulk Matter Transmitter is available to build, it's quite likely you'll have 50 bases or more. So, the Project pays for itself in about 5 turns. If it was available earlier in the game, it might be a great buy, but it's overshadowed at its place in the game by the Singularity Inductor Project.

Secret Project animation narrative:
   "And what of the immortal soul in such transactions? Can this machine transmit and reattach it as well? Or is it lost forever, leaving a soulless body to wander the world in despair?"
   -- Sister Miriam Godwinson,
   "We Must Dissent"

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