Slang name for a vehicle that looks like a Hummer/H2/HumVee, but isn't; it's actually a fiberglass shell put over the frame of another vehicle (frequently Jeep Wranglers or Chevy Blazers). Can be had for a pittance compared to the cost of a real Hummer. Not all of us want to pay out left nut/ovarie for a glorified pickup truck.

A bummer is a sad or disheartening event or circumstance. Looking through Urban Dictionary gives several other usages but this seems to be the foremost definition. Other more reputable dictionaries place this slang as originating in the nineteen sixties to describe a bad trip and from there it just moved into general use for things that ruin peoples day. In actual usage it's often used as an exclamation to acknowledge an other's misfortune and express sympathy for their situation. As a general rule a bummer is something that can't be helped, dog ate the home work, broken china, dog died of intestinal distress. Less often bummer is used to describe a person, place, or thing that has the same emotional quality. "Alice is a morose bummer since her pets died," "Bob's apartment is a bummer because of the inexplicable humidity," and "Carol's job is a bummer since they started their employee morale initiative" would all be appropriate usages. Google trends shows that Bummer has actually been trending up in the last decade with a huge peek in February 2020. While I think it's safe to assume that was related to the lock down I'm unable to figure out the exact cause.


Bum"mer (?), n.

An idle, worthless fellow, who is without any visible means of support; a dissipated sponger.

[Slang, U.S.]


© Webster 1913.

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