Harry Thomas, former Cincinnati police officer:
"Waco. 'Waco' is a word which, among American patriots, engenders the same anguished feelings of outrage as the word 'Alamo'....The time has come for us to openly discuss something that up to this time we have mainly whispered about. The purpose of the second amendment is to threaten the government...I sincerely hope that a political solution to this problem is still possible, and I will continue to work on the NRA board of directors to try to find that solution. But if that solution cannot be found, I say this to the megalomaniacs in Washington: pass your gun laws. I will not beg the government for a license to continue to be a handgun owner. I will not submit to being fingerprinted, or photographed, or interrogated like a criminal for claiming my birthright as a free Amrican...and Miss Reno, I have this to say to you: If you send your jackbooted, baby burning bushwhackers to confiscate my guns, pack them a lunch, it will be a damned long day. The Branch Davidians were amateurs. I'm a professional."
In this speech, Thomas also asserts that BATF stands for "Burn All Toddlers First."

TheLady is right--guns are only useful for one thing: putting bullets through things. But that doesn't mean they're not useful, period! Sure, Thomas comes off as a...erm...wacko, but he's got a point that I agree with. The second amendment was intended to ensure that individuals always have the right to arm themselves so that they will be able to control their own government. These issues of crime, accidental shootings, school shootings--terrible and terrifying as they are--are actually peripheral.

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