Hemos is at a conference. nate is in Hemos' house.
nate lights candle. Tosses match in trashcan.
nate sleeps. Trashcan burns.
nate wakes up. House burns.
nate gets firefighters. Firefighters fight fire. Fire loses.
Sun rises.
nate calls Hemos. "Hi Hemos. It's nate. I burnt your house down last night."
"Aw, man! Again?"
"Sorry. I'll be more careful next time. But you really shouldn't keep flamable items in your trashcan. So you see, it's really all your fault."
Hemos tells Chris what happened.
"A fire! Quick put it in here!"
Chris throws Hemos' cell phone in bucket of water.

This story is completely made up other than what's from "Nate Burned his house down' and the Slashdot story "Hemos is Homeless" (99/10/16).

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