While at a nightclub with a bunch of friends from University I realised that a recently ex-ed girlfriend of a friend of mine was coming on to me. Not a person used to such attention or a person who would look a gift horse in the mouth I decide to return the attention. After a fair amount of alchohol consumption I ended up walking her home (several miles in the pouring rain).

Cutting a long and rather fondly remembered story short, I was woken up in her bed by the the very loud banging of the door to her house.

Before I knew it roughly a dozen uniformed and plain clothed police officers were storming through the house. My friend quickly and quietly explained to me that it might have something to do with the particular kind of antiques that her landlady buys and sells.

We quickly dressed and left as quickly as possible. I was expecting to be detained by the police but oddly enough they barely gave me a second glance.

Hi Bigbird!

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