A TV show on ABC in the mid-60s, part of a wave(let) of prime-time pop music shows on television, like Hullabaloo and Dick Clark's Where the Action Is. It was created by Jack Good, who had previously created Ready Steady Go! on British TV, and hosted by Los Angeles DJ Jimmy O'Neill.

The show's archives are probably an oldies goldmine - it seems like every popular non-Beatle artist, cool or not, appeared on the show. (Rhino Records has videos, I think). The Shindogs house band (for there was little or no lipsyncing, from what I can tell) included, at various times, Leon Russell, Glen Campbell (I think), and Billy Preston, who probably cringes when he sees footage of himself sporting a Beatle haircut.

It ran from the fall of 1964 to the winter of 1966, when it was replaced by a new action-adventure comedy (of sorts) called Batman, which came on two nights a week (Tuesday/Thursday), just as Shindig did (Tuesday/Saturday). But Shindig had become enough of a phenomenon to be included in an episode of The Flintstones.

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