See normally, I slam my textbooks against the wall when I'm done taking the final exam in a class to signal that the class is over and I will never use that textbook again. Occasionally, if the class was a real stinker, I'd throw it out the window of my second floor room as a final "Fuck you!". That always worked pretty well in high school, because you had to actually return the textbooks on the last day of classes.

But then came college, and then came college physics. In college, as I'm sure most of you know, you get to sell back your textbooks at the end of the semester and get some cash back. Our bookstores are usually pretty good about it, giving up to 66% of the list price. One semester, though, they made the mistake of saying that they'd give you *some* money back, regardless of the condition of the book.

Well, physics and I never quite got along, and after struggling to get a "D" I decided some retribution was in order. I stole a big metal tray from the kitchen, went out to the parking lot, and did a tribal dance around the textbook with a few buddies in my frat while dousing it with lighter fluid. Then, the big moment, as we all threw lit matches on the tray at once and watched the textbook explode in a fireball of equations and lemmas. I then put the charred remains in a ziploc bag, walked over to the bookstore, and sold it back for a penny. I may have lost thirty bucks or so doing it, but it was definitely worth it to incinerate that damn book and see the look on the cashier's face when I proudly handed her the bag.

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