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The son of Poseidon and Ceroessa. His mother was the daughter of Io and Zeus and he was born not far from the site of the city which was later called Byzantium. He founded the city of Byzantium, which was called after him and fortified it with the help of Apollo and Poseidon. When Haemus, the tyrant of Thrace, made an attack on the city, Byzas defeated him in single combat and pursued his fleeing enemies beyond the boundaries of Thrace. While he was away, however, the city was attacked by Odryses, the king of Scythia. He besieged it, but Phidalia, the wife of Byzas, saved the city with the help of some other women by throwing huge numbers of snakes into the enemy camp. She saved it a second time from attacks by her brother-in-law, Strombus.


Table of Sources
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