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  1. Haemus (or Hemus) was one of the sons of Boreas and Orithyia, and hence a brother of the Boreades, Calais and Zetes (Table 11), although his name only appears in later versions of the tradition. He married Rhodope, daughter of the river-god Strymon, and reigned over Thrace with her. They had a son called Hebrus, who gave his name to the River Hebrus. Haemus and Rhodope made so bold as to initiate a cult dedicated to themselves, calling themselves Zeus and Hera respectively. As punishment for this sacrilege they were transformed into mountains.

  2. According to another tradition, Haemus was a tyrant of Thrace who attacked the city of Byzantium during the time of the founder Byzas, and was slain by Byzas in single combat on Mount Haemus.

  3. Haemus was also the name of one of Telephus' companions before Troy. Like Telephus, he came from Mysia, and was said to be the son of Ares.


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