All aspiring space fighter pilots know the value of good training. Flight training in the space ships of the Imperial Space Navy will serve you well when you are executing brilliant maneuvers against those alien hordes in hyperspace. However, it is not easy for a new cadet to gain access to such training. Those of us here on planet Earth realize that it is doubly hard since no space fighter ships have been built here yet. Luckily, the computer industry has provided us with all the tools we need to simulate the experience with as much realism as we can afford.

CH Products has created a wonderful solution to help control your simulated craft. This controller unit has been engineered to look and feel like actual flight control rudder pedals. They come in USB and game port versions, have a large stable base, and are of beefy construction. A sliding forward/backward motion gives rudder input for the yaw axis and heel-toe motion pivots differential toe braking control. With the included pedal chocks, they can even be converted for use in driving games.

It may be difficult to obtain a set of these pedals( I checked every local computer and software store in my area and nada! Had to order them.), but they are well worth the bother. It was a very satisfying experience to have the extra control in Microsoft Flight Simulator. I can attest that they are very similar to the feel of actual rudder pedals with toe brakes in a small single-engine aircraft.

System Requirements:

Windows 98

  • 486Dx 66Mhz or better
  • 16 Megs Ram
  • open USB or game port

Macintosh(USB only)

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