The Cadbury Foundation was set up in Birmingham, England by, strangely enough, the Cadbury family. It did much more than making chocolate -- a whole village was constructed for the workforce, including a school, chapels, and even a swimming-pool!

The Cadbury family were strict quakers which gave them a strong social conscience, hence the swimming-pool.

Cadbury have now joined forces with Schweppes.

John Cadbury (married to Candia Cadbury) first started selling tea and coffee in 1824 in a shop on Bull street in Birmingham, UK. He started manufacturing cocoa on a commercial scale in 1831 when he purchased a warehouse in Crooked Lane for his factory. Originally the name of the firm was John Cadbury, but changed to Cadbury Bros. when John's brother Benjamin gave up his drapery shop and joined John. Thus was born Cadbury Choclates. Mmmm...

Roald Dahl wrote his book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (which later became a movie starring Gene Wilder) based on his experiences and childhood memories of the Cadbury Chocolate factory.

My grandmother is a Cadbury. The factory would send out chocolate tins to all the living Cadbury descendents during the Christmas Season right up until 15 years ago or so.

A word describing someone who gets drunk from very little alcohol, specifically a glass and a half. The word is based on the "glass and a half" (of full-cream milk) used to make Cadbury's Dairy Milk chocolate, as shown in Australian ads for the product.

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